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Pediatric Care at Gathering Wellness Collaborative

Besides treating women, Dr. Kelly loves treating babies and children. Just as adults need good spinal care, so do kids! Kids are under a lot of stress these days and their nervous systems are being affected. Just as with adults, Dr. Kelly’s pediatric chiropractic services focus on removing any subluxation in their spines, which allows their nervous system to thrive.

“Additionally, this will improve children’s ability to process and respond to stress. A healthy nervous system allows children to sleep and focus better,” she explains.

Pediatric chiropractic is very gentle. Dr. Kelly always respects the wishes of her pediatric practice members and their parents. She loves to talk to and play with children as they get adjusted.

Ultimately, I want to hear what their experiences are like and how they are feeling and how their body needs to be treated. If children don’t want to hear any pops, they don’t have to.”

Some of the benefits of pediatric chiropractic include:

  • Supporting optimal growth and development, including infants who might be needing support with nursing or reflux
  • Reducing ear infections, bed wetting, asthma, and allergies
  • Improves a child’s nervous system and digestive systems
  • Encourages brain development
  • Encourages a healthy immune system, which means your kids won’t get sick as often and when they do, they will recover quicker.

We started seeing Dr. Kelly when my oldest daughter was 3 years old and my second daughter was just 2 months old. She has been instrumental in my postpartum healing. After only a few months, I feel as though I’m able to handle the stresses of motherhood much more easily than before. Not only has she helped with my pelvic pain, neck pain, and back pain, she has also assisted my infant with issues associated with her breastfeeding, gas, and sleep. My toddler even loves going to see “Mrs. Kelly” and runs into the office and jumps on the table eager for her adjustments. When other doctors suggested surgery for my toddler, Dr. Kelly has taken the time to delve deeper into the issue and find alternative treatments for her. We have seen drastic changes in all of us and we are forever thankful for Dr. Kelly. Maggie S.

A Balanced Family

Another reason why Dr. Kelly enjoys working with kids because when a child receives spinal care, the whole family is able to function better! “Children really are the heart of their mothers,” she says. “If I can help the child, then I am also helping the mom and dad! I love how there is this ripple effect.”

If your family is ready to embrace premier spinal care together, call Gathering Wellness Collaborative today! Don’t delay a chance to live a long and healthy life. Now treating practice members of all ages.

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