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New Practice Members with Gathering Wellness Collaborative

Gathering Wellness Collaborative welcomes you! We are genuinely looking forward to meeting you and helping you! Our new practice member onboarding process is quite simple: Simply come as you are in clothes that make you comfortable. During your first visit, you will have a full consultation and, if appropriate for your body, receive an adjustment. It’s about as straightforward as you can get with no hidden fees at all. This transparency is very important to Dr. Kelly and she wants everything to be easy when it comes to booking and receiving chiropractic care.

The First Visit

Before your first visit, you will receive a text reminder with the address. When you arrive, you will be greeted by our incredibly friendly front desk extraordinaire. She will give you your new practice member paperwork which you can fill out at the office. After Dr. Kelly has read your paperwork, she will come meet you and walk you back to the adjusting room. You will then have your consultation with her.

During this fun conversation, Dr. Kelly will then listen to your health history and she ask plenty of questions so she can fully understand why you chose chiropractic care and your personal health goals. After she explains to you how chiropractic can help (or she will refer you to a different practitioner if need be), she will begin her first adjustment. During this visit, which will take about 30 minute, she will walk you through everything and promises to be honest and transparent.

Spinal Adjustments

Using the neurologically specific and gentle techniques, Dr. Kelly offers holistic spinal care and will only adjust those who need it.

“I’m never going to treat someone who doesn’t need an adjustment and I am always going to make sure practice members are comfortable before I adjust them.” she promises.

As you get on the table, Dr. Kelly will explain how the table works and talk you through every step of the process.

After receiving your first adjustment, Dr. Kelly will then explain a little more about how chiropractic care can help you and the next best steps for your neurological health. It’s a simple process and you will have a lot of fun! Before each adjustment, Dr. Kelly makes sure that she is focusing on the specific subluxation that is causing stress or discomfort.

Chiropractic care breaks into two broad categories: fixing imbalances and then maintaining alignment. Each practice member with Gathering Wellness Collaborative will have a personalized wellness plan.

I believe in bioindividuality, meaning your body is not the same as someone else’s. Each person needs neurologically specific care. We find the best adjustment and maintenance plan for each individual.

Financial Transparency

We have all dealt with hidden fees before. They’re no fun. That’s why each visit is always $30. Even your first visit! We accept cash and card, including HSA cards.

Begin Your Journey Today

Experience the many benefits of honest and empathetic chiropractic care with Gathering Wellness Collaborative. Contact our team to easily schedule your first appointment!

New Practice Members at Gathering Wellness Collaborative | (678) 552-9140